Strategic Cloud Migration of Applications is Not as Simple as Lift and Shift

Blog 17-15 Strategic Application Cloud Migration

A solid business case, strategy, and common architecture will mitigate the risk and provide a foundation and roadmap for successful cloud migration.

IT Governance is about how the organization makes and enforces IT decisions

Blog 17-14 - ABhatia

Business governance determines IT governance. Alignment, operational efficiency, and accountability are enabled by effective governance.

Big Data and Master Data: Is there a connection?

Blog 17-13 - SJohnson

At first blush, Master Data and big data might seem at odds with each other. Big data encompasses enormous amounts of data while Master Data governs a smaller universe.

Moving Beyond the Hype: Delivering Business Value with Today’s Data and Analytics Technologies

Blog 17-12 RSkriletz

Big Data is fundamentally changing the IT data landscape, data management technologies and approaches used by IT, analytic technologies that support the business, and IT’s potential for delivering value to the business

How Retailers Can Leverage Big Data for Competitive Pricing Insights

Blog 17-11 RLambert

Despite the many potential benefits, 75% of retailers do not use real-time competitive analytics. Those that do can gain a significant competitive boost.

Don’t Implement a Data Lake Sandbox Without a Strategy and Roadmap

Blog 17-10 JKish

If you’re planning to jump into that Big Data project or even a data sandbox implementation, take some time to channel that enthusiasm into planning that leap — or, to put it differently, looking before you leap. You can do that by building a roadmap to success.

Big Data Analytics: Information Management Challenges and Considerations

VLog - SYammada 1

When the business is ready to look into the data, it does not know where to look. Why? Because there is little or no metadata management planned.

Getting Your Shift On: A Holistic Approach to Shift-Left Quality Assurance Software Testing

Blog 17-8 - RMcLure

QA should be integrated into all phases of the software development lifecycle. Testing, in fact, should drive the development process.